Gateway Application Manual

This is the manual for the Gateway V2.


Make sure that you have all contents listed below:

  • The Gateway

  • GSM/LTE antenna

  • A micro USB Power Cable. Only use this power the device.

Intended use

General Information

Safety Precautions

Information for compliance with Commission Regulation 801/2013

Power consumption (Idle) TBD

Power consumption (mobile Connection) TBD

Recycling Information

Battery Operations

Battery Status

LED (rot)

LED (grün/blau)


permanently on


Charging finished


permanently on

Supply Voltage to high; Battery voltage to high/low;



No battery connected


permanently on

Power saving mode

The gateway provides a power saving mode. This can be turned on via the serial protocol. Have a look at the protocol specification for more details. In a power saving setting, it is further recommended to remove all LEDs from the board. There Gateway base has 3 LEDs (2 for the Battery and 1 info LED). Furthermore, depending on your Cloud-Adapter, there might be further LEDs. The LEDs can be safely removed from the board and adapters. This will reduce the power dissipation by up to 160mW depending on your setting.

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