Digital Twin

We bring your devices into the digital world.

What is a digital twin?

The digital twin is the digital replica of your physical device. A device can be an instrument, sensors or any other device you can think of. This digital twin lives in the cloud and represents your device with all its states. All properties, behavior and functions of your device can thus be digitized so that your device can be used in the digital world. Among many other awesome advantages, this means that the device can be used online. With our app you can fully operate the device so that all work with the device can be done remotely.

What does a digital twin look like?

A device usually consists of several data units that provide e.g. measured values. In order to be able to represent each device individually, we use a powerful data model to enable the representation of a device in the digital world. This means that a digital twin can be flexibly created for all types of devices, precisely for your individual requirements.

The data model consists of two components, a device and an item. A device consists of any number of items. An item is the digital representative of any measured value or any operation provided by the device. An item can therefore be used to represent any value and any actor in your physical device.

Every change of state in your physical device causes the digital twin to assume this state as well. This allows a permanently reliable representation of your device to be mapped in the digital world.

How it works?

To bring your device into the cloud, a device template must first be created. A device template is the blueprint for a digital twin. With this device template, the digital blueprint for your device is defined on the basis of the above-mentioned data model. To learn how you can create a device template for your digital twin, see

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