Device Onboarding

Device Onboarding is the process of configuring the OneIoT Gateway for your use case and linking the Gateway to your OneIoT User Account. In case you are using the Gateway via LAN or with pre-installed SIM card (mobile connection) you don't need any further configuration on the Gateway and you can onboard the device via WebApp (Option 1). In other cases, the Gateway needs to know some configuration for your connection, for example, your WiFi SSID and WiFi Key. You can configure these information using the OneIoT App.

Option 1: OneIoT WebApp

This option is only to link a gateway to your account. That means, when your gateway needs any configuration to connect to the network, you will have to use the Mobile App (Option 2).

This Option is applicable if the gateway has already been connected or if the gateway is connected via pre-installed SIM card or LAN

Every gateway has a so called Device Id and an Proof-Of-Ownership Token. There is a card in your Gateway Package with a QR-Code and also the plain text Device Id and Ownership Token. In the upper right corner of the Device List you will see a button to add new devices.

A screen will popup which asks you for the Device Id and Proof-Of-Ownership Token. All you have to do is to copy the information from your card (or an E-Mail containing this information) and your all set! You will then find the device list.

Option 2: Using the QR Code and the OneIoT Android App


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