Gateway Adapter

Can be combined like building blocks, making it easy for your use case for every instrument.


The Industrial Gateway 4.0 offers a simple solution to get all the data from your instrument into your instrument application. With its modular adapter concept, it can be configured for your use case to use any connectivity solution for your individual communication. All adapters are freely selectable and can be easily exchanged at any time.

Instrument Adapter

The Industrial Gateway 4.0 has a port for an instrument adapter on the left side to communicate with your measuring device.

We offer both wireless and wired connectivity solutions for your instrument. Thus, either one measuring device can be connected to a gateway via a wired-based instrument adapter or several measuring devices can be connected to only one gateway via a wireless-based instrument adapter. These combination options ensure a high degree of flexibility for almost any use case.



UART Pin Interface

  • Flexible 3-wire UART interface to connect your instrument

Analog Pin Interface

  • Simply connect sensors


  • RS-232, RS-485 or Ethernet connector

RS-232, RS-485

  • Serial communication connector


  • Connects a high number of devices with only one gateway

  • Wireless up to 10km range

  • High energy efficiency

  • Low bandwidth and no Over-The-Air Updates

Instrument Driver

The instrument driver connects your instrument with the gateway on software level to provide your instrument with a fully flexible link. It does not matter how your instrument communicates and in what format all the data arrives at the gateway. The gateway has an individual instrument driver that can be configured for your instrument communication. The instrument driver is a powerful tool to provide new functionality for your instrument. For more information about the instrument driver concept see

pageInstrument Driver

Via Over-The-Air Updates the instrument driver can be updated at any time. For more information about how to update the gateway and the instrument driver see

pageOver-The-Air Updates

Cloud Adapter

On the right side, it has a port for a cloud adapter to communicate with the cloud platform to bring all instrument data into your instrument application.




  • Low energy consumption

  • Extensive range

  • High signal penetration inside buildings


  • Low energy consumption

  • Extensive range

  • High signal penetration inside buildings


  • Fallback option


  • Integration in LoRaWAN network


  • High bandwidth

  • Wireless connection without SIM card


  • Wired internet connection required

  • No wireless communication

  • High bandwidth

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